Gift cards and voucher codes general info

Voucher Codes

Please be aware that each voucher code has a one-time use limitation. This applies to vouchers received through our newsletters, magazines, and other campaigns:

  • Only one voucher code is redeemable per order. However, vouchers can be combined with the balance from a gift card.
  • Ensure to verify the expiry date of your voucher code.
  • Some voucher codes are not applicable to discounted items.
  • Certain voucher codes may be restricted to specific products and categories.
  • Voucher codes might have a minimum order value requirement.
  • If you return items, we retain the right to not extend the validity of your voucher code.

Gift Cards

Gift cards have a validity period of five years from the date of purchase.

  • Multiple gift cards can be applied to a single order (and can also be combined with a voucher code) up to a maximum limit of 200,00 EUR.
  • Any remaining balance post-purchase will be retained in your gift card total.
  • Your gift card balance can be viewed in ‘My Account’ under ‘Gift card total’.
  • If items purchased with a gift card are returned, the amount will be credited back to your gift card balance for future use.
  • Gift card balances are not redeemable for cash.
  • There is no minimum order value when using a gift card for purchases.

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