In which file format do the print patterns come?

Digital Download Files

All files available for digital download are provided in Adobe Illustrator .ai format. This format ensures that the pattern designs you receive are infinitely scalable, allowing for flawless resizing to suit your needs, regardless of the use case or ratio.

Versatility of Pattern Designs

The adaptability of our pattern designs in .ai format means they can be seamlessly applied across a diverse range of applications, whether you are working on fashion textiles, web graphics, print media, or any other project requiring scalable patterns. The flexibility in scaling ensures the integrity and detail of the design are preserved, allowing for optimal visual impact in any context.

User-Friendly Application

With the use of Adobe Illustrator, applying these patterns is user-friendly, enabling you to adjust and customize the designs effortlessly to align with your creative vision and project requirements. Whether you are a seasoned designer or a beginner, our pattern designs offer the versatility and ease of use to bring your projects to life.

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