Why is my preferred payment method not available?

We apologize if your preferred payment method is not available for your order.

To maintain security for both parties, we meticulously assess each transaction.

Various circumstances can affect the availability of payment methods. For example, discrepancies between delivery and billing addresses due to typos, address changes, surname differences, or selecting a Pick up Point for delivery can influence payment method availability. Additionally, having outstanding invoices with us can also impact available payment options. Even if payments have been transferred or items have been returned, there may be processing delays on our end.

Please be aware that we also weigh the costs and risks associated with different payment methods.

Unfortunately, our Customer Care team cannot modify the payment options provided at checkout, nor can we determine the exact reasons why a payment method isn’t offered.

If you find that your preferred payment method is not available, we sincerely apologize. However, you can still avail of our other services and choose from the remaining available, and free, payment options. Please note, invoicing is not offered as a payment option.

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